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Kids, Solar Panels & Sunscreen!

Kids, Solar Panels and Sunscreen Make Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures: Go Go Green a perfect Summer Read for Elementary Students: Young Adult Author Tanille Takes Children on Fun and Educational Journey on the Quest to Go Green

 Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures: Go Go Green features our favorite adventurous characters, Jordan and Justine, who are part of a Go Go Green campaign in their community. Through this campaign, they teach young readers about the environment, how to take small everyday steps to save energy, how to participate in helping their community, and why it is so important to care about the Earth!

The multicultural cast of characters in this book also explores how Native American culture works in harmony with the environment for resources and how modern living negatively affects the environment. The book will also explore teaching children new words in Spanish.

As we prepare to make Earth Day every day of the year, Tanille offers some tips on getting kids to help protect the environment:

  • Don’t waste water. Teach children to turn off the water while brushing their teeth.
  • Turn off the lights. Ask kids to turn off the lights when leaving the room.
  • Plant a garden. Have the kids help grow lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli and herbs in the backyard. The food tastes better and there are no pesticides!
  • Recycle. Enlist kids to help sort out things that can be recycled – paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. You can also show kids that you buy products made with recycled ingredients.
  • Compost. Have the kids put their leftover food – apple cores, banana peels, etc in a compost bin that can then be used as garden fertilizer.

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Encouraging kids to go green - The Learning Key - Philly Tribune

Encouraging kids to go green - The Learning Key - Philly Tribune

The Philly Tribune covers tips from Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures on going green. Check it out!

Jordan Encourages Kids to Go Green in 2015 for Earth Day

NEW YORK, April 22, 2015  ( Publisher Fire Flies Entertainment introduces Green Tips from Jordan, the eco-friendly children's book character in Jordan and Justine's Weekend Adventures: Go Go Green. Each year since 2010 this popular children' science book continues to be introduced to teachers and librarians around the country in support of Earth Day events. This year's Earth Day is on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 and the theme "Going Green in 2015" introduces a list of easy-to-do eco-tips and facts. View Here:

Go Go Green, along with the other books from the Jordan and Justine's Weekend Adventures series, is a dynamic teaching tool. Author of the series, Tanille Edwards says, "'Going Green in 2015' is a theme that connects Earth Day celebrations with living green every day. The ecology facts are educational and the tips helpful to reducing the carbon footprint. Plants: Parts 1 & 2 and Wildlife: Parts 1 & 2, are additional titles from the children's ecology series, with facts and tips on animal care, earth science, and the food we eat. Jordan and Justine's Weekend Adventures: Go Go Green offers green-living tips and activities, colorful cartoon-like characters and green vocabulary in both English and Spanish. Written in easy to understand text, Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures children's books are beautifully illustrated, for children ages 5 though 10 years, and even older.  

For more information on the Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures book series, please visit: or contact Fire Flies Entertainment (212) 561-1654.

Be sure to check the Jordan and Justine Commercial:

About Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures:

Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures is an entertaining brand which features multicultural characters as friends from India, China, and South America.  This brand has found a strong presence in schools, libraries and museums across the country with availability through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follett, Overdrive and more. Port Discovery, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Children's Museum of Manhattan and the Dawes Arboretum in Ohio are among the many outlets that have fell in love with the educational series.

In addition, the Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures brand has been used to impact the corporate culture of national and global corporations for Earth Day. Children have used the book to do science projects, homework and to gather information for science fairs.

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Amazing Mentor Spotlight - Tanille

Amazing Kids Magazine interviews Tanille, Author & Creator of Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures for the Amazing Mentor Spotlight!

Check it out in print or online at: